Food for male strength: products that increase testosterone

Vegetable and fruit collage for effect

For a long time, questions of strength have not lost their relevance for every representative of the strong half of humanity. At the same time, food is taken very seriously, which has led to the development of an entire culinary industry - a love direction, containing many different products to effect.

According to modern medicine, testosterone levels are influenced by a scientific diet. What should men prepare to maintain and increase their sexual power?

Useful products for example 1 . potency

Diet to increase potency

The list of products that can really help is quite large, all of them contribute to the full saturation of useful elements that have a direct effect on libido.

First of all, it is necessary to highlight vitamins - A, B, E, fats from the omega - 3 group.

Eating healthy foods in sufficient quantity will help avoid unnecessary stress on the stomach and get the desired results.

Products that increase male potency: a list

Nuts have stimulant, therapeutic and prophylactic effects. Systemic intake significantly reduces the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction. The maximum effect can be achieved by using them unrefined. Peanuts and pistachios do the best job.

There are legends about the miraculous properties of this product, but it must be received systematically.


Honey must not only be fresh, but must also be purchased from a trusted seller. It is advisable to know what land it was brought from, where the bees get the nectar, in the absence of fields treated with different chemical compositions.

It is difficult to imagine a diet for impotence without ordinary honey, especially its combination with certain foods. The best recipes are presented below:

  • Honey and ginger, in equal amounts, are excellent stimulants, and they also have a tonic effect. Regular water, which should be taken with the mixture, will help improve absorption;
  • Carrot juice with honey will help to cure the first manifestations of sexual impotence;
  • To increase potency, eliminate the symptoms of prostatitis, a fairly original recipe is capable. To prepare, you need red wine, a natural product of apricots, freshly squeezed aloe juice, chopped rose hips, parsley seeds. After the mixture has been instilled for at least a week, it is taken before each meal, not more than 20 grams.

Honey with nuts for effect

It should be noted that a dish is completely simple but guaranteed to increase testosterone: mix chopped walnuts (100g) with honey (70g); Drink 20-30 grams of mass per day before going to bed.

Vegetables and greens

Healthy foods should include vegetables. Before resorting to the drug, you should pay attention to onions, cabbage, carrots, asparagus, celery, radish, garlic. All of these are potency improvement products. In addition, vegetables help boost libido, if they are eaten as a main course or as a side dish.

Useful products for example 2 . potency

The body is fully supplemented with necessary minerals and vitamins to help increase potency, affect hormonal components, and increase libido significantly.

If you regularly include them in your daily diet raw, boiled, stewed, you can improve your overall health, as well as the function of the reproductive system.


Continuing the conversation about effective nutrition, it is impossible not to mention fruits, which contain a large amount of vitamins. For immediate enhancement of sexual functions, it is enough to eat oranges, pomegranates, grapefruits, bananas. This is one of the most delicious and sweet ways to increase male potency naturally.

Cocktails and fruit teas will help you add variety to your diet, while providing the necessary vitamins.


At the same time, celery deserves the most attention, which is considered a natural analogue of the famous "Viagra".

Chocolate works in a completely different way, especially dark chocolate varieties, where they are found in large quantities:

  • Theobromine, an alkaloid with effects similar to caffeine;
  • Phenylethylamine, a special chemical compound that evokes feelings of love, increases libido;
  • Antioxidants - enhance mood, general well-being, create the most favorable conditions for the normal functioning of the sex organs.

However, all the listed advantages are exclusive to the dinner dish, the cocoa content of which is at least 65%. You should also not abuse chocolate, but use it "in moderation", in the context of possible chronic diseases, especially high blood pressure, pancreatic problems.

Useful products for example 3 . potency


Oysters, their constituents are intended to restore potency. This is another product known to stimulate the male sex organs, belonging to the group of aphrodisiacs. The benefits of this shellfish are due to its high content:

  • Organic zinc;
  • Rare amino acids can trigger the production of testosterone (male sex hormone), increase sperm count;
  • Dopamine, a sex enhancer.

Since it is established as a result of many years of research, the maximum concentration of amino acids and zinc in the body of mollusks is observed in the spring, during the period when they are actively breeding. This explains the need to use oysters caught this season for food.


This natural product not only increases potency, but also improves the functions of the cardiovascular system and promotes overall health.

Meat and fats are still the main source of muscle building materials, contributing to the production of testosterone. For effect, you should choose red meat - horse meat, beef, veal.

Milk Products

It is in them that the maximum protein content is found that sour cream is an excellent stimulant. However, taking into account the high fat content, it is not recommended to take more than 100 grams of the product per day. It is imperative to include cheese, kefir, whole milk, yogurt, natural yogurt, starter cultures in the diet.

You should also pay attention to the mare's milk (koumiss):

  • Has anti-aging and tonic properties;
  • Promotes the normalization of metabolism;
  • Improves the composition of the blood, the work of the entire cardiovascular system.

Fermented and alcoholic dairy products of milk obtained from horses contain a number of important hormones that have powerful effects on the overall immune system. So, it is not surprising about the amazing effect this drink has on male potency, increased fertility, along with sexual performance.

Folk recipes

Using natural products, you can easily prepare miracle remedies to enhance male libido. This includes bathing with pine extract, where you need to steam for the beneficial ingredients of the conifer to be absorbed into the skin.

tincture to increase potency

What to drink to increase potency?

Alcohol has been proven to have great effects, and regular use also contributes to increased stamina. Ingredients include elixir, calendula, valerian root, St. John. Hawthorn has been proven to be amazing, eating it regularly will boost self-confidence, boost self-confidence and increase endurance.

Ginger tea

This drink, unique in every respect, has a very large content:

  • Vitamins group B, A, C;
  • Amino Acids;
  • Traces of elements, minerals.

All of them have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, contribute to:

  • Blood thinning;
  • Strengthens blood vessels;
  • Eliminate toxins;
  • Stimulates brain activity.

As a result, increased sex drive and overall men's health.

Making ginger tea is very easy. You can peel a small piece of root (about two centimeters) and mince it. Pour the resulting mixture with boiling water, leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Lemon and honey will help enhance the healing properties. The dried root is perfect, although the concentration of nutrients in it is much lower, so one should not expect a large positive effect.

ginger tea to effect

When choosing ginger tea as a stimulant, it is necessary to take into account the general state of health, since it is not suitable for every representative of the strong half of humanity. It is strictly forbidden to use for peptic ulcer disease and gallstones, gastritis, some diseases of the heart, blood vessels, skin. For everyone else, you should consult your doctor about any possible advice on taking this drink.

What kills sexual power?

Of course, alcohol is in the first place, this is the most terrible disaster for many men when trying to prove their bravery in bed with the help of "drunk" drinking sessions.

Smoked meats, carbonated drinks, baked goods and fast food play a negative role, too much of which can cause irreparable harm.

In addition, we must not forget that a healthy lifestyle, along with proper nutrition, will allow you to maintain confidence for many years.